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      Aims & Vision

      The Montpellier global science conference on CSA:
      • Will address key research issues, gather CSA facts and figures from developing and developed countries and support a collaborative effort with broad social participation. Special attention will be given to vulnerable countries and populations. It will therefore contribute to the strengthening of a CSA scientific community and will provide a further opportunity for developing a global research agenda.
      • Will aim to reduce the science-policy gap. The conference takes place a few months before the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC, Paris, France, December 2015). The COP21 will be a milestone in the international climate negotiations, with the goal that all countries are committed by a universal binding climate agreement. It is hoped that the COP21 will witness a “paradigm shift” where the climate challenge is not any more a necessary "burden sharing" of emissions, but also an opportunity for job creation and wealth, inventing new patterns of production and consumption. Therefore the Montpellier CSA conference will be a unique opportunity for the research community to update knowledge on CSA and to provide recommendations for policymakers.
      • Will pave the road for future cooperation initiatives to be taken in terms of joint and collaborative scientific efforts.

      Five specific objectives are identified:

      • 1.     Updating the science basis
        ?.     An update of our understanding of possible futures for agriculture and food security under climate change will be provided based on the findings of the Assessment Report 5 from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC’s AR5).
        ?    An update concerning mitigation of and adaptation to climate change in contrasted agricultural systems from the main world regions and their links to food security will be attempted, based both on AR5 and on updated scientific contributions. Synthesis presentations and discussion sessions will be organized on key questions such as
        What are the projected climate change impacts on agricultural systems? What are the uncertainties associated to these projections? What are the main sources of uncertainties?
        ♦ What are the key adaptation strategies? How can adaptation counterbalance projected climate chage impacts on crop yields on livestock systems ? How can adaptation support food security?
        What are the key mitigation strategies? How can we mitigate GHG emissions from global food systems e.g. by 30% in 2050, without altering food security?
        ♦ Can we identify evidence-based technologies, practices, and approaches for each of the three pillars – sustainable production, adaptation (resilience), and mitigation? 
      • 2.      Showcasing key scenarios for agriculture and food systems: potential of CSA for answering the challenge of food security under climate change and early solutions, barriers and adoption parameters.
      • 3.     Identifying priorities for early action to accelerate deployment of promising technologies, practices and approaches, with a particular emphasis on strengthening adaptation and application in developing countries.
      • 4.     Interfacing with the CSA Alliance through the integration of key research issues that might arise from the meetings organized by the Alliance in 2014.
      • 5.     Designing a roadmap to move forward and identify an action plan for strengthening the CSA global scientific community and improve the science-policy dialogue in coordination with the forthcoming CSA Alliance.








      Updated: 17 September 2014


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