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      Climate-Smart Agriculture


      A summary video of the conference is available here in English and in French


      The Montpellier Statement is available in English and in French
      Videos and slides of the Conference
      are available here

      Photos of the Conference are available here
      Latest News
        754 participants from 75 countries

      Full program
      All abstracts available

      Professor Sir Gordon Conway's presentation at CSA2015

      "We are all in the same boat: food production and food security under threat by climate change"
      is available

      Registration: click here

      Climate-Smart Agriculture


      Climate-smart agriculture is a way to achieve short-and-long-term agricultural development priorities in the face of climate change and serves as a bridge to other development priorities. It seeks to support countries and other actors in securing the necessary policy, technical and financial conditions to enable them to:

       - Sustainably increase agricultural productivity and incomes in order to meet national food security and development goals
      - Build resilience and the capacity of agricultural and food systems to adapt to climate change;
      - Seek opportunities to mitigate emissions of greenhouse gases and increase carbon sequestration.

      These three conditions (food security, adaptation and mitigation) are referred to as the “triple win” of climate-smart agriculture.
      See: fao.org/climate-smart-agriculture


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        CSA 2015 Press Releases here

        Stéphane Le Foll, French Minister of Agriculture,
        Agrifood and forestry speaks at CSA 2015

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